Pete Karabetis

Presenter, 2011, AxureWorld 2012 ( How to Use Axure Variables Like a Pro(grammer) )

Panayiotis Karabetis, who people call Pete for short, co-owns Vim Interactive in Baltimore where he oversees the IA and Ux process. Beginning as a graphic designer and front-end developer—and doing time as a baker, bookkeeper and part-time dance instructor—he's hounded by perfectionism on every project to ensure user needs and business objectives can live happily ever after.

His passion for evolving web practices is fueled by an overactive imagination and a one-cup-a-day limit on all coffee products so at least some sleep can be had in between client work.

Panayiotis is the creator of the Social Media Icons widget library and, Team Vim as a whole, is responsible for Axureland, the place where Axure enthusiasts can share free resources with the growing Axure community.